About The Heart and Heart-Wall - The Emotion Code

Have you been injured emotionally in the past? Maybe you’ve been through a bad breakup or been disconnected from family and friends. 

Have you ever felt as though your heart was breaking? 

Do you feel as though you can’t fully experience joy or happiness? 

Do you find it hard to connect with others?

Do you feel closed off to love?

If you said yes, to any of those questions you might have a Heart-Wall. 

When you think about someone you love, you feel it in your heart. It is through our heart that we give, receive and feel love. When we experience heartache or heartbreak, we also feel it in our heart. That emotional heaviness like your heart is actually breaking. When you feel love for somebody or same if you are experiencing heartache, you are feeling the energy of that emotion in your heart.

When we’re at school we learn about all the different parts of our body and the role they play. We learn about the heart and its role in pumping blood around the body. The heart used to be considered just a pump, but it is so much more than that! 

The heart is the core of our being. It is the centre of who we are. 

We often think the brain is the control centre but the heart has a 60 times stronger output than the brain. The heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain to the heart. It is a two-way dialogue but it’s about 90% from the heart to brain, and 10% brain to heart. Your brain obeys the messages sent by the heart.

If we are feeling negative emotions such as anger, sadness or fear the neural signals from the heart to brain get messed up. Impacting our ability to focus, learn and reason.

Each organ in our body generates an energy frequency. The electromagnetic field of the heart extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body. This is the largest of any organ and is the most powerful organ in your body!

The energy of our heart can affect those around us and vice versa. When we are around other people, in their space, in their energy, their thoughts and emotions (positive and negative) can affect us. 

Scientists have been able to confirm some pretty incredible things about the heart, including that the heart can ‘think’ for itself, it has the ability to remember things, and it stores large amounts of memory. You just have to research 'Heart Transplants' and there are some pretty amazing stories of transplant recipients who suddenly have a craving for their donors favourite food, or develop a love for classical music which turned out the be the donors favourite music.

Did you know that the heart and the head brain record traumatic events?

Another thing that we also now know is that the heart and the head brain record traumatic events. A lot of the time people seek help for their mental health, focusing on their mindset and the head, thinking that they have dealt with the issue in therapy but energetically the emotional energy is still there. We need to address both the head and heart brain.

If the emotional energy is not addressed and not cleared from the energy field it can keep showing up in different ways, and keep creating chaos contributing to mental, emotional and physical issues.

How the Heart Protects Itself

When we experience stress, fear, negative situations and events, we can sometimes try to put up a wall to protect ourselves. We can’t physically use something such as a shield to protect our heart so we often try to block, ignore or numb the pain by keeping busy, scrolling on social media or with alcohol and other substances.  

Our subconscious mind knows this, and it uses excess energy (trapped emotions) to create an energetic wall around the heart, known as the Heart-Wall.

What is the Heart-Wall?

The Heart-Wall is a barrier against emotional pain. It's a defence mechanism to protect your heart from injury, dull the sensations of heartache and protect your heart from being broken completely.

It is made from layers of trapped emotions. One trapped emotion creates one layer in the Heart-Wall. Trapped emotions are negative emotional energy that become trapped in the body after an intense emotional experience. They are negative emotions that we suppress and are not able to process. They become stuck in our body creating chaos in our energy field.

The Heart-Wall is built to help get you through a tough time and traumatic experience but in the long-term the Heart-Wall can continue to grow interfering with other areas of your life.

How can a Heart-Wall affect your life? 

When we have a Heart-Wall we lose that intuitive connection, lack higher awareness, feel disconnected and lack empathy. It can contribute to physical issues such as neck, shoulder or chest discomfort, fatigue and respiratory issues. It can leave you desensitised to emotions, creating disconnection from others. A Heart-Wall can also make it harder to feel positive because you have negative emotional energy around your heart all the time. It can impact many different areas of your life, cutting you off from the possibilities and flow of life.  

Who can have a Heart-Wall?

Anyone, any age can have a Heart-Wall and it is estimated that approximately 93% people have a Heart-Wall.

As you experience more negative situations in your life, more trauma, you keep adding layers to your Heart-Wall. It becomes a reflex for you, every time your heart experiences pain, danger, imagine a layer covering your heart.

Parents, family, friends, work colleagues can all break your heart, some intentionally and others not. As your Heart-Wall grows, it slows your flow of love and compassion, leaving you feeling withdrawn, hurt and desensitised to emotions.

Is having a Heart-Wall a bad thing?

Having a Heart-Wall isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes we need protection from heartache, but we don’t need it all the time. Having a Heart-Wall is like using an umbrella all the time even when it’s not raining or using it indoors when there is absolutely no chance of rain. An umbrella is useful when it’s raining but can get in the way and get annoying if you’re carrying it around all the time when you don’t need it. 

A Heart-Wall shuts you off from experiencing the fullness of life.

How to clear the Heart-Wall

Clearing the Heart-Wall is easy (just like a normal Emotion Code session). We use muscle testing (similar to kinesiology) to connect via proxy with your energy (subconscious mind) to release your Heart-Wall. It is the same process as a regular Emotion Code session, but we’re specifically focusing on releasing emotions from your Heart-Wall.

We offer online Heart-Wall sessions by proxy via Email. 

Benefits of Removing the Heart-Wall

By removing the Heart-Wall you may experience the following:

  • Strengthened relationships
  • Ability to create deeper connections
  • More empathy and compassion
  • Feel better physically and mentally (heart-brain coherence)
  • A happier, more abundant life
  • Feel more calm and confident
  • More open to new possibilities
  • Changes to the energy around you and the energy you attract