"If only I had discovered the Emotion Code years ago."

We had tried so many avenues to help our young child with anxiety, and nothing was helping. We had heard of the Emotion/ Body Code and reached out to Amy when we found her website.

She has been amazing for our family, and we have seen such amazing results in our child's anxiety levels. We as a family have started doing sessions and have felt so many benefits for all of us.

It is amazing how accurate the sessions are. I cannot thank Amy enough for her amazing work in helping us. I would highly recommend anyone try this amazing modality of healing.

Jacinda R

"Very professional and a great experience all round."

I would highly recommend Matthew if you have emotional blocks that other therapies just haven't shifted. Very professional and a great experience all round. Thank you!

Sue W

"I noticed results immediately"

I worked with Amy for multiple sessions and found both her and the work she does to be extremely supportive and productive. The recorded sessions, attention to detailed information and accuracy regarding both emotions and body issues was so incredibly beneficial for me that I noticed results immediately.

I had read the Emotion Code book, which gave me a detailed understanding of how the process worked, but Amy explained every step so thoroughly that nothing was left out. I am so motivated by the beneficial outcomes so far, that I am booking further sessions to continue this modality as part of my health journey. Thank you Amy.

Kerry M

"Amy has unearthed some issues I knew I had experienced but thought I dealt with them."

Amy has been fantastic and I have learnt so much from her about myself and in such a professional and caring way. I can feel the benefits and will purchase more sessions as worthwhile to my overall well being.
Amy has unearthed some issues I knew I had experienced but thought I dealt with them. My body and subconscious disagreed. Thanks Amy.
Julie R

"Core Healing has helped me to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, eating difficulties, and suicidal thoughts."

Finding the root cause of my health is how Core Healing has helped me to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, eating difficulties, and suicidal thoughts. Further, their work finding and releasing trapped emotions has helped me to overcome childhood traumas and social fears in a way that I hadn't even hopped for. It is worth trying something unconventional when the conventional methods don't have an answers.

Benjamin B

"I have no hesitation in recommending Amy and Core Healing"

I have been working with Amy for several months to release many and varied  trapped emotions. As more and more trapped emotions have been released my mental and physical health has continued to improve. I now feel more positive, mentally balanced and less burdened. The chronic back pain I have been experiencing for many years is now occurring less often with milder intensity.

Throughout my journey Amy has been extremely knowledgeable, respectful and supportive.  Her ability to connect with my subconscious and ask the most appropriate questions for healing to occur is amazing.

I have faith in the Emotion Code and have no hesitation in recommending Amy and Core Healing to anyone who is open to alternative holistic practices.

I am eternally grateful to Amy and Core Healing for the help I have received in improving my quality of life.

Lesley L

"My ‘Body Coding’ experience with Amy was incredible"

Amy was always extremely professional, the tone of her voice being very calm and caring. Having only a slight understanding of the process, Amy ensured to explain exactly how she was going to use my photo to tap into my energy and search for areas in which my body needed some extra care.

Having my sessions recorded meant that I was able to self-pace, pause and read more into the areas that Amy felt my body was currently lacking in, which gave a firmer understanding of why I may be feeling a certain way. After my first session in particular, I experienced a very light, freeing sort of sensation in my body which was amazing.

I have noticed some differences in my insomnia in particular, I am finding that I am falling to sleep in a more relaxed, slightly quicker manner than before. I have been staying asleep for longer periods of time, previously waking at around midnight but now I manage to stay asleep until around 4am-ish.

In terms of my allergies, it has made me more aware of what may be triggering these allergies internally (Energy related – particularly from the past), not just my usual external pollen, dust and grass. I would highly recommend Amy and her Body Coding services.

Jemma P

"Amy has helped me immensely dealing with some past issues & getting rid of emotions I’ve been carrying around"

Most emotions I didn’t even know were there but once she got rid of them I felt so light, almost instantly! I normally get quite bad afternoon headaches from work and haven’t had any since our first session together.

Amy is brilliant, professional, dedicated and kind! The sessions you can do remotely which I think is a great option for people, plus she films the session so you can watch later!! Everyone should have a session with Core Healing - you will feel amazing and won’t regret it! I can’t thank Amy enough for the sessions we had together.


"I cannot rate these guys highly enough"

As someone who has suffered from severe anxiety over the past few years and tried many different treatments, I can honestly say that Core Healing gets results.

Far too often in the western world, our mental health system fails to get to the core of people's problems and help them overcome suffering.

These guys help you overcome emotions, pain and suffering that your subconscious has held onto for a very long time. Healing is possible and it starts with Core Healing.


"Matt and Amy from Core Healing offer an extremely helpful service"

Once thought to reside only in the brain, emotions are now scientifically known to produce a physiological (or chemical) reaction in the body. This can drastically affect our health!

The Emotion Code delves into stress physiology and I have personally been able to witness how it works. I would highly recommend these services to anyone interested! 

Dr Jeremy Thomas DC

"I was amazed by the accuracy of matching emotions with different ages and events in my life"

I’ve always been fascinated by energy and holistic health therapies like kinesiology. When Matt and Amy started practicing The Emotion Code I knew I had to try it. I was amazed by the accuracy of matching emotions with different ages and events in my life.

After focusing on the area of financial abundance, I was gifted some services I find hard to justify spending money on for myself. I’ve also noticed a shift in thoughts around things we’ve worked on together.

Sometimes we don’t necessarily need to know how something works, but just accept that it does and experience its benefits!