About Email Sessions and How They Work

At Core Healing because we're working with energy, we're able to offer our sessions online at a distance through email correspondence. 

Email Sessions

Our email option is really great for busy people or people with a demanding schedule. You'll still get the benefits of energy healing without having to attend a scheduled appointment.

With the Emotion Code and the Body Code, it's not like a counselling or therapy session. You don't need to go into detail or re-live past experiences in order to release the negative emotional energy or correct imbalances in your body and that's why we're able to conduct sessions without you even being present.

For an email session, we will schedule a date to do the session and then once the session is complete, you'll receive an email from us with a video recording of the session as well as a copy of the notes from the session.

Our email sessions are also a really great option for parents. If you're booking an appointment for your kids, you don't need to try to fit a session around school, work or afternoon commitments. And best of all, you don't have to drag your kids along to a session. They don't need to sit and listen to someone talking to them.

How does it actually work?

We work with energy, specifically the energy body. What we do is we intentionally focus on the client to make the energetic connection. It's kind of like calling someone on a mobile phone. We need to intentionally dial their number in order to connect with them.

Our body as the practitioner, puts its energy needs to the side to work with your energy during the session. Then we complete muscle testing, which is a form of biofeedback, also known as kinesiology. We do the muscle testing on ourselves and we correct the imbalances on ourself on behalf of you, the client. It's kind of hard to get your head around at first on how it could possibly work, but once you start to notice the results, you truly realise that it does work.

Does distance energy healing work as effectively as the session in person?

Yes, it does. It's just as effective because energy connects regardless of distance. We experience the same profound effect, whether in-person or via distance. It's not necessary to meet each other physically or for you to physically be present in the same room as me or at a specific time in order for this to work. This allows us to work with anyone regardless of their location and it allows us to work around your schedule.

You can go about your day, while we're doing the session and doing the energy healing work, or you could be even asleep while we conduct the session.

Demonstration of How an Emotion Code Email Session Works

Demonstration of How a Body Code Email Session Works

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and make sure you check out our other videos to see how a session works.