What To Expect After An Emotion Code Session.

In this video, I'll be explaining what to expect after an Emotion Code session with us at Core Healing.

In a session, when we release the trapped emotion, that emotion is released immediately. That energy ball is gone from your body, but you may find it takes some time for the body to process that energy release and your body needs to find a new balance.

This can take anywhere from one to three days and we call this processing time. At the end of the session, we give you your processing time that's specific to your body's needs. This will be the time that it'll take your body to adjust, to find its new balance. In this processing time, you may experience some processing symptoms.

This can be things like feeling emotionally up and down. You could feel irritable or sensitive. You could have echoes of the emotions release. For example, if you release the trapped emotion of frustration during your processing time or over the next few days, you might find that you feel frustrated more easily than you normally would.

You might also feel fatigued. You might have vivid or bad dreams. You can have changes in your sleep patterns. You may find that you experience some sleeplessness or you might have trouble going to sleep and you may experience brain fog, but most of the time, these processing symptoms are mild.

About 20% of people experience processing symptoms. This just depends on the person and you may not experience any processing symptoms at all. You may even feel great, but it's just good to be aware that this could happen. After a release some people may feel lighter. They may feel more positive. They may feel calmness and more joy.

If we're focusing on a physical pain in the session, some people may feel a noticeable difference in the pain level, as the session goes on or a few hours after the session. Sometimes you might feel relief like a problem's gone for a few days and you feel good, but then it comes back and that's your subconscious showing you that there's more to work on.

Your body's given you a bit of insight on how it can feel once this emotional baggage is released and it's showing you that there's more around this issue, we need to release.

Why do some people experience processing symptoms?

Well, here's an analogy we like to use to explain this. A session of the Emotion Code is kind of like doing surgery on the energy body, although it's not painful like surgery can be. We're looking for harmful energies that need to be removed from your energy body. After their removal, the energy body has to recover and it needs to restore to its new balance.

If you actually had surgery, so say if you're having surgery to remove a tumor, you would expect for a few days to have some downtime after, to rest and recover. Your surgeon would likely tell you that in your recovery too, and make sure you look after yourself and recommend some extra rest.

After an emotion code session, we recommend that you drink plenty of water. I find that if I don't keep hydrated after the session, I will often end up with a headache so it's really important to stay hydrated. It's also important to eat healthy nourishing foods, to support your body and also get lots of rest, so listen to what your body needs.

How will I notice a difference? 

If we're focusing on a physical pain or discomfort, this can be more noticeable in a session and often people notice the difference immediately with the energy release. Sometimes they'll notice it more reflecting on their day. They might be at work and they're doing their usual things at work and then they think, oh, this hasn't bugged me as much as it normally does.

For people, when we're working on more of an emotional or mental issue, this is something that we tend to notice more over time. When we're reflecting back on situations, when situations come up and you think, Oh, I didn't respond or how I normally do in that situation or something comes up and you surprised yourself with your response, or you may find that other people, so family members or people that you're in close contact with, they notice the difference.

Will I still feel negative emotions after my emotion code session?

Yes, you will. Because that's how we experience and interpret life. Our emotions give us our highs and lows, but you won't have that those negative emotions to fall back on. What I mean by that is when we release these emotions from our body, if we're filled with anger and you have a lot of anger stored in your body, when we release that, when you situations come up, you don't have that emotional resonance of anger to fall back on.

You will have more control over how you choose to respond and your emotions. When a situation comes up, instead of jumping into feeling that anger straight away, you have more control over how you respond. It's really, really empowering and stuff.

We'll touch base with you a few days after your session, just to check how you're going. And remember if you have any questions about anything that came up in your session, please don't hesitate to contact us at our email, their info@corehealing.com.au.