Do you feel like a kite?

Emotion Code Body Code Sessions

I used to feel like a kite all the time. 

One minute I was soaring higher and higher in the sky and the next minute the string could go no further and I got held back…

Or then the wind dies and I crash back down to earth as fast as I got up in the air. 

The kite has to rely on two things to fly. The wind (external environment) and the person holding the kite (internal environment).

I used to think the only way I could move forward or be happy in life was to have all of the external conditions in my environment perfect. 

Just like a kite, I needed the perfect amount of wind, and then once I had the wind I still had to rely on the person holding the end of the string. 

I thought I needed everything in my environment to be perfect to be happy or successful. But as you probably have found out, it’s impossible to control everything in our environment.

Other people have their own agendas, governments change their rules, shit happens in life you can’t control. These are like the wind to the kite, which that kite can’t control. 

And then there was the inner voice in my head holding me back. The little voice in my head that was saying that I wasn’t capable enough, that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t worthy enough of being happy. 

This controlling voice that was holding me back was based on a lot of the beliefs and emotions I had stored from my past experiences. I was being controlled by my past.

I compare this inner voice to the person flying the kite. The person has complete control over the kite, including how much string the kite is given which controls how high the kite will go. 

Now I’m pleased to say that I no longer feel like a kite. I’ve shapeshifted into a bird where I am free to fly and soar regardless of the conditions.

This is all thanks to the work I have been doing to clear away the negative energy of my past with the Emotion Code and Body Code work. 

This work has led me to help others who were also feeling like a kite. A feeling like their past is controlling and dictating their life. Your past does not equal your future.