Does your Inner Child have a Heart Wall?

A few months ago I was on an Emotion Code practitioner education call and another practitioner asked an interesting question that got me thinking.

The question was "can our inner child can have a Heart Wall?". The answer was yes, it is possible.

So as I always do when I discover or learn something new, I go test it on myself. I initially found through muscle testing that I didn't have one. I was kind of disappointed not to find something but on the other hand glad that I didn't have one, BUT.....

...a couple of weeks ago I realised that the way I was going about working with the inner child was all wrong and that's why it was telling me that I didn't have an inner child Heart Wall...

...when I spent the time connecting deeply with my inner child before I asked the question again I discovered I actually did have an inner child Heart Wall and it was quite significant.

Watch the video below and I explain more about how I was able to uncover it and how I noticed a few interesting changes after it was released.