Don't shoot the messenger

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In history often messengers who brought bad news to Kings and Queens were killed. Sometimes messengers get a bad reputation even though they are only a middle man for the news that needs to be delivered.

I believe that pain is just a messenger and a lot of the time we tend to shoot the messenger thinking it’s the real problem..

...but really it’s there to help deliver a message that there is a deeper imbalance that needs correcting.

Let’s look at a real life comparison to further understand what I mean.

Just imagine the smoke alarm in your house is going off, would you:

  1. Find the alarm and take the batteries out or block your ears so you can hear the sound anymore.
  2. Ignore the smoke alarm until you actually see fire close to you then act accordingly.
  3. Evacuate your house, carefully check for fire and call for help to put the fire out if needed.

When we hear the smoke alarm it’s just a messenger to alert us of danger, often we can’t see the smoke or the fire yet, but we know that it could be there because the alarm is going off. 

In this situation would you shoot the messenger (the fire alarm) or accept the message and look for the fire? 

Now let's look at our own health. You start to get a pain in your lower back, would you:

  1. Take medication to suppress or block the pain signals.
  2. Ignore the pain until it becomes unbearable before you seek help.
  3. Dig deeper to find out what caused the pain, and treat the root cause so the pain goes away for good?

In this situation is the pain the issue or the underlying imbalance? The pain is just the messenger. It’s delivering you a message that something is out of balance that needs correcting. 

Yet with pain we often go to practitioners who only look and treat the pain as the problem and not ask questions and dig deeper to what the real underlying problem is.

It would be like if you were to call the fire brigade for help and all they did was stop the smoke alarm going off instead of putting the fire out. You’d think they were insane!

With our health the underlying imbalance could be emotional, it could be from a toxin, a pathogen or a misalignment. That’s where further investigation needs to be made. The pain has come to deliver you a message that something needs correcting.

But so often we ignore the messenger, or we shoot it. We treat the pain and try to block the signal or suppress it only for it to keep coming back. We may think we treated it if it goes away for a while, but usually a new pain comes back in another place and then hangs around waiting for you to acknowledge it. 

Pain is like the messenger who won’t give in. The one who keeps coming back until you get the message that you need to look deeper at the issue. 

You should be grateful to your pain as it is delivering you a valuable message to help you get back on track. It’s your choice how you want to take that message.

If you need help treating the underlying issues an Emotion Code or Body Code session can help uncover the deeper underlying imbalances that are causing the pain.

Once you start to identify and correct these imbalances the messenger may start to leave you alone so you can live a happier and healthier life.