How the Emotion Code Helped Clear My Sinus Issues

Sinus Issue with Emotion Code

As a child I was very active and always playing lots of sports but when it came to long distance running I can always remember it being a huge struggle. It wasn’t that my body couldn’t do it physically but I just would always run out of breath. I could only run around 500m to 1km and then I'd have to stop just to catch my breath.

It wasn’t though until I was a bit older and more aware of my body that I realised that I constantly had a blocked nose and predominantly breathed through my mouth. Which I understand now probably contributed to a lot of dental issues I had through high school as studies are now suggesting.

Just after we discovered The Emotion Code I decided to go for a walk and I was feeling energetic so I’d thought I’d try a bit of a run to get my heart rate up and get up a bit of a sweat. As usual after going about 500-600 metres I pulled up, out of breath and started to walk the rest of the trip.

The next day I decided to do an Emotion Code session on myself to see if I could clear my sinuses and help me to breathe easier. I cleared about 15 emotions regarding my sinuses and left it at that.

About a week later I thought I’d go for a walk again and again was feeling energetic so I decided to run. I kept running and running, stopping about a kilometre in, not because I was out of breath because I was in shock that I had just ran a kilometre without feeling like I needed an oxygen mask!

I walked for about the next 500m still getting my head around my achievement and then proceeded to run the rest of the 1.5km back home, getting home in a single run and again not needing oxygen.

I was truly amazed at how much just one session helped clear such a problem that has been plaguing me for almost my entire life. There is still some more work to do on clearing the entirety of the issue but it’s nice to be able to wake up in the morning and take a deep breath through my nose!