If you don't believe in yourself, who else will?⁠

Body Code and Emotion Code Sessions

I used to be held back by a lot of self doubt and limiting beliefs.⁠

I let my external world dictate my inner world. ⁠

I would need external validation from others to confirm my value to them, just to make myself feel good.⁠

And if I didn't get any response I would try harder and harder to please. It's hard work as any people pleaser knows and it wears you down.⁠

I was constantly being torn by the two voices playing out inside my head. ⁠

The one voice that had a knowing that I could do anything I put my mind to (soul), and the other voice that was telling me that I wasn't worthy or capable enough (ego).⁠

After discovering the Emotion Code and clearing the negative emotional energy around my belief in my own abilities, the voice of the ego has been turned down.⁠

I can now hear the voice of my heart and soul loud and clear, and I no longer need external validation from other people.⁠

I am living my truth and I don't need to please anybody to make myself feel good.⁠

I have an inner knowing that my best is good enough, and if it's not good enough for others that's their judgement, not mine.⁠

Just remember:⁠
You are a star. ⁠
You are unique. ⁠
You are a powerful being.⁠
Believe in Yourself!⁠

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