Is it bad to express emotions?


Yesterday life was getting on top of me. It was just one of those days where everything seemed to be piling up and getting out of control. I just wanted to scream!

School holidays have just started, so the kids are around, and when you work from home with kids it can be tough to juggle.

I really love what I do, helping people with the Emotion Code and Body Code, but in school holidays the change in routine can throw me off balance a bit.

Also there are a few other challenges on the horizon that are just in our vision that need my attention, which have also been diverting my focus and adding to the pile of things to do and decisions to be made.

Yesterday I felt it all started to get on top of me. A few extra tasks to do for work popped up that I needed to get done, as well as the dishes piling up and the house being a mess, and I just didn’t want to face it. I wanted to make it go away. 

I procrastinated for half of the day over what needed to be done. I didn’t feel I had the energy to tackle it. I found myself going back to old habits like getting on social media and playing video games as a distraction from what I needed to do. 

My old self a few years back, would get stuck in this pattern for weeks or months sometimes. Avoiding what needed to be done.

Now that I understand the pattern I can catch myself when I get into it. 

When I feel the need to scream I do! I scream into a pillow or scream when I’m in the car by myself. This screaming helps shift the stuck heavy energy.

I also use Emotion Code and Body Code to help shift energy, but I find sometimes that a quick physical release of the emotional heavy energy is like instantly releasing a pressure valve. 

Often though, many people take this energy out on others and project it outwards. They take it out on their partner or kids and that is their energy release.

The problem is that they might feel better, but they have just made everyone else around them feel a lot worse. And it isn’t nice to be around people like this. It creates bigger issues in the future. 

Releasing that heavy energy through screaming let me reset and refocus on what I needed to get done. I felt like a weight off. Today I have been in a much better mood but also more productive and I feel motivated to take action and get things done. 

Next time you feel like you need to scream, try it. Try screaming into a pillow or blanket, or you can take your frustration out on a punching bag or a pillow. Physically releasing emotion is a very healthy way to rebalance yourself. 

So often we are led to believe in our childhood that showing emotion is a bad thing, so when we feel these emotions come up we try to suppress or avoid them out of shame or embarrassment.

But feeling and expressing emotions are an important part of our health and well being. When we block the flow of energy from these emotions and hold onto the heavy energy, they create imbalance in our body, and imbalance in our body can create all types of physical and mental issues. 

Instead of labelling emotions good or bad, positive or negative, try reframing your definition of how you understand emotions.

All emotions serve a purpose, they are all good for us to feel. The way I label emotions is that they are heavy or light. The heavy ones that come up like fear, guilt, shame, anger, grief, insecurity etc are sending us a message to keep us safe.

It’s best to acknowledge and respect this message. Try and understand why the emotion has come up for you. It has come up to help alert you to a danger. Is there really a danger or is there a faulty program we have installed from our past?

At one point in time it may have been needed to keep you safe, but now it may not be relevant at all, but we just haven’t taken the time to reprogram the alarm system. 

If we don’t try and work out why the alarm keeps going off, then it will keep going off. Some people turn it off temporarily through distraction, like I did with social media or games, some people drink or take drugs, food, work, ect. It doesn't fix the reason the alarm is going off. 

That is where the Emotion Code and Body Code can help. If you can’t find the program that is setting the alarm off. It could all be subconscious and hard to bring to awareness consciously. If you don’t know why the alarm is going off then you can’t fix the program. 

If you need some help trying to understand the programs that are running your internal alarm system, book in for a Body Code or an Emotion Code session with us. We can help identify the root cause to these patterns by connecting with your subconscious and muscle testing to get the answers. 

We can give you more awareness of why these emotions keep coming up allowing you to change the program and live a happier and healthier life.