Stressed or Anxious? Quick tip to help.

Anyone feeling anxious or stressed knows it can be hard to break the cycle, but we wanted to share a quick tip today to help you when you feel stuck.

When we feel anxious, stressed or under threat by something in our environment our body responds by activating the Fight or Flight response. 

It’s like we have a built in alarm system always on the lookout for threats to our safety. 

This alarm system begins in the Amygdala. It’s the part of our brain that uses our past experiences as a reference to keep an eye out for any trouble, potential threat or perceived fear, ready and waiting to switch on your body’s alarm system. 

One of the big problems though is that our mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and our thoughts. Thought alone can set off this alarm system and trigger the Fight or Flight response. 

Anything from thinking about work, money, relationships to being stuck in traffic, encountering a growling dog and feeling unsafe walking down the street can trigger the response. 

Once the Amygdala senses there may be a threat in our environment it signals to our adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and diverts energy away from the immune and digestive systems towards the arms and legs to be able to fight the threat, or run as fast as we can away from it. 

The fight or flight response is meant to be followed by a burst of activity. That’s the whole point. You are armed and ready to fight or run for your life so your body expects you to do just that. 

Many of us nowadays, we don’t run, we don’t fight. The energy has nowhere to go and it hasn’t been used up. Instead we sit with our stress building in our bodies, constantly feeling triggered and never switching off this response. 

If you're struggling to switch off the feelings of stress and anxiousness it may lead to sleep issues. This is because our senses are on constant alert to threats even when you're trying to sleep.

Also due to our immune and digestive systems being depleted of essential energy while the alarm system is activated, we often may start to feel tired and rundown and unable to fight off any internal threats like pathogens or toxins. 

So here is the tip to help you turn off the alarm system and return to balance... 

It's as simple as just a couple of minutes of exercise!

Exercise burns the unused energy. The energy we store when we don’t run (flight/flee) or when we don’t fight. 

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, exercise tricks the body into thinking that you have escaped the danger. It helps complete the fight or flight response cycle, instead of being stuck in it all day.

This is just a quick fix though, it’s important to dig deeper and reflect on what may be triggering the issues that are making you stressed and anxious in the first place. 

We believe that getting to the root cause of your triggers can help with long term healing and living a happier and more purposeful life. 

Trapped emotions from your past emotional experiences may be the underlying cause of some of your triggers and we can help remove these with an Emotion Code session.