The 6 energy investments I made that took me from being tired, stressed, depressed and rundown to having an abundance of energy.

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3 years ago I was tired, stressed, depressed and rundown. I had very little energy to do anything.

It all came to a point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I had to change something. I was lucky and the answers found me.

It was a late night where I couldn’t sleep when I turned on Netflix. 

I can’t explain why but a documentary caught my eye. 

I’d never watched a documentary in my 32 years of life.

It was the Tony Robbins documentary ‘I am not your Guru’

This was the start of a massive shift in the way I invested in my health and more importantly my energy.

I had a lack of energy and drive and in the space of a few months transformed it into an abundance. 

What I didn’t realise was that I was investing my energy into poor investments. I want you to think of your energy now as if it was money.

Is it logical to invest your money into things that have zero chance of any return?

Hell no!! But that was what I was doing and what most people do. 

For me it was simply because of a lack of knowledge. I didn’t know any better and I’d never been taught about how valuable my energy is.

I believe our body’s have the ability to heal themselves but they need energy to complete the process. 

I was constantly at the doctor with sickness after sickness. I had pneumonia, I had pharyngitis, colds and a constant feeling of being rundown.

If you're lacking energy and you want to get better you need to invest your energy where you are getting a better return for it. Where you put energy in and you get more back in return.

These are the 6 key areas that I invested in which took me from fully drained to an abundance of energy in just a few months.

1. Food and drink

I lacked time because I had so much brain fog and couldn’t think straight so to save time I took shortcuts with my food and drink choices. Buying frozen meals and ready made meals I thought I'd save time but really they were draining my energy. 

What I didn’t understand was that because the food was so nutritionally poor and processed my digestive organs had to use more energy to digest the food and remove the toxins, and try to extract what little nutrients the food actually had.

When I switched firstly to a paleo type diet and then later to a plant based diet with no dairy or gluten my energy started to soar. The food is real and much simpler to digest and was full of nutrients which my body could turn into more energy.

2. Exercise

I used to think of exercise as just a weight loss thing. I knew I should have been doing it daily but again I felt I was too busy to waste my time on exercise when I knew it could be better spent trying to make more money for my business. I was making no investment into my exercise and I paid the price.

What I didn’t understand was that exercise burns off our stress hormones and helps us return to a relaxed state quicker. And the more you do it the better and stronger you feel. And when we are in a relaxed state it gives our body an opportunity to heal itself.

3. Sleep

Again I was trying to squeeze the most out of my day by sleeping as little as possible. The problem was because I was so stressed and rundown I worked at the pace of a sloth and took 5 times longer to get my brain into gear. 

What I didn't realise again was sleep was prime time for my body to repair itself and regenerate ready for the next day. I wasn’t giving it the proper time to repair itself. It’s like only putting your phone on the charger for a short time and then always running out of battery. 

If you charge it overnight it will usually easily last through the day without another  charge and you don’t need to try and nurse it through the day.

4. Learning/ Education

The more I started to learn, the more I wanted to learn about my health because I was seeing so much improvement and feeling so much better within myself. Before this I was wasting time on social media, watching the news all just as a distraction to get away from the tired and depressing life I was living.

I was giving energy to these sources that were never giving back to me. They gave me no value whatsoever. Did I need to know what my friend in primary school that I hadn’t spoken to in 25 years was having for dinner? Did I need to watch the news to know that somebody got stabbed in the suburbs of Sydney?

It was a complete waste of my energy and purely a distraction from my pitiful life. Once I started to educate myself on how to heal, life started to flow. The more I learnt the better I felt. And I started learning other things that I could use to add more value to what I was giving to the world. 

5. Relationships

This is a big one and a hard one. We all know of people we may consider friends or may be family that suck the life out of us. That make us feel crappy every time we interact with them. It’s not easy to go out and get new friends and of course you can’t choose your family, but you can choose the amount of time you spend with them.

Try and spend the most time with the people who lift you and light you up. People that make you happy. When you spend time with the people who do that you feel full of energy and you can be your true self without fear of rejection. I started by culling all the people on social media that weren’t giving me value from our relationship. This helps you focus on the ones that do brighten up your day.

6. Past Emotional Clearing 

I felt like I was being held back by my past. No matter how much I tried to move forward I would always come to a place where I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward and this drained my energy trying to force through this barrier. 

What I didn’t realise was that the emotions and energies from past events could be stored and held in my body. This was the barrier that I was trying to break through with will power and I was getting nowhere fast. 

It’s a bit like a river that becomes blocked with debris and the river stops flowing. It was like I was trying to move the blocks by hand. Once I discovered the Emotion Code and Body Code I was able to break down these barriers and move forward. It was like I’d come across a big machine that helped me clear these blockages with ease. 

Once I removed the debris the river started to flow freely again. I was able to move quickly through blocks that were caused by my past. My energy wasn’t wasted on will power.


If feel like your energy is being sucked away by bad investments we can help. An Emotion Code or Body Code session can help you take back your energy and focus it on better investments. Book a Free Discovery Call today to find out how we can help you.