Want to unlock your treasure?

Emotion Code and Body Code sessions

For a long time I felt my heart was locked away in a treasure chest. I kept it hidden away. I kept it safe. I didn’t want it stolen or broken.

But not long ago I discovered our hearts aren’t designed to be locked away from the world. They are the source of our love and creativity. And when our hearts are locked away, so is our infinite creative and loving potential. The potential each and everyone has inside them to make this world a better place. 

Why did I keep my heart locked up? One simple word. Fear. 

Fear of my heart being broken by the negative judgement of others. A fear of being rejected. A fear of not being good enough to the world.

I had to understand though, that the only people who I was afraid of breaking my heart were the ones whose hearts were already fragile. Those who were living in fear themselves. 

The ones who had their heart locked away, and some who have lost the key to their treasure chest. These people are so intent on protecting their own treasure, they never let it out to the world. If they can’t use their treasure, they feel nobody else deserves to. 

I was fed up at being held back at the expense of what others thought of me. It’s not my problem that they have lost their treasure or want to keep it from the world.

And it’s not my job to play small and keep my treasure hidden not to make them feel less of themselves. It’s my job to help give people the courage to openly share their treasure with the world.

Love it or hate it I’m here to speak my truth. My heart and my treasure chest is open for everybody to share, because I feel like a lot of people need some inspiration to find their treasure again. 

I’ll put my heart on the line because I trust the good in everybody. I believe in the power of the treasure I have to share. Everybody is welcome to a piece. My treasure is endless and nobody will be able to take my treasure away, unless I let them. And I won’t let them.

I believe everybody has valuable treasure they can share with the world, but like I was if you are living stuck in fear of sharing it, I can help. Without learning the Emotion Code and practicing this energy clearing method on myself I’d still be living in fear. You wouldn’t be hearing this message. 

Now as an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner I can help be your map and key to help find or unlock your treasure to the world.

If everybody openly shared their treasure with the world instead of their trash, the world would be a much better place.