Why I Became an Emotion Code Practitioner

From People Pleaser to Stress Free Authentic Self 

Most people must think I’m crazy to throw away my own marketing agency that I spent 2 years building and start practicing a relatively unknown form of energy healing. To be honest I was drawn to it. Not by another person, but by like a magnetic force getting stronger and stronger until I couldn’t resist it anymore and I signed up to take the course. 

After witnessing the phenomenal results on myself and my kids in such a short period of time I had a feeling this was going to be my new destiny. 

In the couple of months between discovering The Emotion Code book and starting to release the emotional energy that was stuck in my own energy field I became a totally different person on the inside. 

A more authentic version of myself. 

Not somebody that was projecting the persona of what I thought I had to be for society to see. 

It takes a lot of energy trying to play the part of somebody you don’t want to be, but I feel we get stuck in the lie and it’s hard to let go of the fake persona we create for ourselves.

Breaking Free of my People Pleasing and High Achiever Persona

We all have patterns we create as children to get love or attention from our parents or loved ones. Some get sick or injured for love and attention, some become carers who feel they need to give to be worthy of receiving love, and some cause trouble or conflict to get attention and love. And others like me focus on high achieving to gain love and attention. 

I got good grades in school, I excelled at soccer, going on to become a professional for a couple of years, but the problem was everything I achieved felt so hollow because I wasn’t achieving to make myself happy. 

I was achieving to get love from others, and when I didn’t get the love and attention from others I felt I needed to achieve something on a higher level again. The cycle is never ending and just led to me making choices in my life that weren’t for my own happiness but from what I thought I needed to get from others to belong.

This runs very similar to people pleasing.

The problem with people pleasers is that they go out of their way to make everybody else happy but forget about their own needs and what actually makes them happy. It’s all ok to give to others but at the expense of your own happiness isn’t healthy. 

They are constantly saying yes to everybody because they need positive feedback. I was stuck in both those loops and my life was becoming miserable because it’s ok when everyone is pleased with you.

But when you feel like you aren’t making people happy the massive the amount of overwhelm kicks in and that's when you become crippled with fear and break down. Yes I’ve been there a few times.

For me now if I want to achieve anything in my life it is for my own enjoyment, not to get validation from an external source. I’ve learned that life is not a competition where we need to measure ourselves. 

This will just lead to disappointment as there will always be somebody better than you at something. The only thing you need to measure is that you are growing as a person against the past you. When you realize this you will never need to compare yourself to others. They are just on a different journey.

Only months earlier before discovering The Emotion Code book, I must admit I was an emotional Yo Yo. Up and down, up and down. Flying high and full of confidence when I landed new clients in my marketing agency, but then down, down, down under the stress of trying to get everybody the outstanding results which I set the bar for myself.

As a people pleaser and high achiever when everyone was pleased with their results and I was getting pats on the back for lining their pockets with more business I was in ecstasy…

...but when results weren’t flowing, the self doubt set in, the stress levels went up. Was I good enough? Was I out of my depth? I was crippled by fear and wanted to hide away from it. 

I definitely had a love-hate relationship with that business. But that all came from the internal dialogue that was going on inside my head.

Once I discovered The Emotion Code book and started to release the emotional energy that was stuck in my energy field I became a totally different person.

I no longer stressed about my clients performance. I always gave the best of my abilities and if that wasn’t good enough for them then that was their choice to no longer use my services. And how was I to really know the impact my services were having on their business. 

I could see by the results on my end how things were going but I knew that never translated accurately to the final results on their end. That wasn’t up to me to stress about. 

Now I’m free from my emotional baggage I am able to lead a more stress free life and live in alignment with my true self.