Part 1 - Business Woe to Flow Package - Self Evaluation Workbook and Video Instructions

Welcome to Part 1 of the Business Woe to Flow Package. 

The Self Evaluation Workbook and Videos below need to be completed before we start the Emotion Code and Focus sessions included in the Business Woe to Flow Package. 

The workbook will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete and will help us  identify a clear vision of where you are now and where you want to head, so we can laser focus our energy clearing sessions to remove the biggest blocks holding you back.

Step 1: Click on this link to download your Business Woe to Flow workbook.

Step 2: Work your way through the workbook at your own pace, with the videos below explaining each section.

Step 3: If you haven't already done so, purchase the Business Woe to Flow package with 10 x Emotion Code Sessions and 5 x 30 minute weekly Focus Sessions to supercharge your business.

Video 1 - Introduction


Video 2 - Where are you now? (Pages 2-4)


Video 3 - Where you are going. (Pages 5-6)


Video 4 - How would your dream life make you feel? (Pages 7-8)


 Video 5 - The gap. (Page 9)


Video 6 - What's in your way now? (Pages 10-11)


Video 7 - Your business whys (Page 13-15) 


Video 8 - Business hurdles (Page 16)


 Video 9 - Your business now (Page 17) 


Video 10 -  Love and hate (Pages 18-20) 


Video 11 - Your dream business (Page 21-22)


Video 12 -  What's in the way of your dream business? (Page 23) 


Video 13 - Targets and outcomes (Pages 25-26)


Video 14 - Actions (Pages 27-28)