The Magic Letter Exercise

The magic letter is an exercise to help you express yourself and how you are feeling towards another person. You can also use this exercise to help practise setting boundaries with this person. 

This letter is not intended to be sent to the person. 

The intention of this exercise is to help release built up emotions. This exercise is to help you release emotional energy that would normally get suppressed from the things we wished we could say. 

Sometimes we might not have the courage to say exactly how we feel to the other person or the other person may not want to listen to what we have to say anyway and there is no other way we can get our message across. 

Words are powerful. Just writing how we feel and the things we want to say can help shift energy around the situation and the person.

You may find by doing this exercise it helps to resolve some of the issues between you and the other person without the need to confront them personally.

Step 1 - Watch this video to understand how this process works.

Step 2 -  Write your own magic letter. 

There is no right or wrong way to write this letter.

You may write multiple letters to the same person. 

Examples of things that you can cover in the letter: 

  • Tell the person how they have hurt you.
  • What they do that annoys you or makes you feel angry.
  • What resolution you want moving forward.
  • The new boundary you are setting between you and them, which gives you the power back.